Samsung - Z300 Review


15th November 2005

The Sony Ericsson Z300 is a simple clamshell phone aimed at the budget market. It's a dual-band GSM phone in three variants - the Z300a is an 850/1900 MHz handset for North America, the Z300c is a 900/1800 MHz version for China, and the Z300i is a 900/1800 MHz version for the rest of the world.

Inside the Z300 is a 128x128 pixel STN display in 65,000 colours with a 64x64 pixel monochrome display on the outside. The Z300 is designed to be a very easy to use device, and it has a simple and quite large keypad.

Really the Sony Ericsson Z300's feature list is rather short. It comes with GPRS, a WAP browser and some PIM and personalisation functions and really that's about it. There's no camera, no Bluetooth and certainly no fancy stuff on this phone. The Z300 is designed to be inexpensive and easy to use.

It's a pretty phone though, available in two colours ''Granite Grey'' and ''Amethyst Purple'' (pictured left). In design terms, this is very similar to the old Z200 handset which is actually one of our favourite phones of all time. Each handset also comes with a ''Crystal D├ęcor'' set to decorate the Z300 with.

There are a lot of low-cost clamshells like this around, but what differentiates the Sony Ericsson Z300 is style. The like of Samsung and Sagem make good enough clamshells, but nothing with quite the attention to detail of the Z300. Nokia have always been a bit hopeless at this kind of thing too.

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