SonyEricsson - K530
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25.04.09 - 02:16am
Im lucky to hav dis set.its very comfort and easy to operate.i luv browsing net using opera nd uc WEB.its so cool looks small but its heavy rather den other hand contains multi optional such as video call,superb cam clarity....vich is vel known........

22.04.09 - 04:37pm
I think it is the best phone..!! It has great features has 3G. Good looking stylish,nice keypads even play 3d games,It can play mp4 also, camera is also good affordable. So go BUY it enjoy...!!

20.12.08 - 04:11am
Super phone,and its very cuite,With opera mini web browser it is so good,good camara,and its great feature is 3G/384kbps and video call,it play mp4 files.

19.10.08 - 04:49pm
I hv purch ths cell on 18/5/08. All features r good but thr r some drawback like whn the net screen chnge to landscape then function should chnge accordingly. But it dont change. All sony cell have a problem of handsfree, it only work for 2-3 months. The handsfree get plug out when try to keep it in pocket. So it force us to keep cell in hand.

3.10.08 - 10:17am
This phone is great . Cam picturers and videos , music , web browser is super. The thing that i like most in this phone is that it can play mp4 files . And the phone size is also great . The only thing missing is da flasher . After all k530 is a great phone !

3.08.08 - 03:27pm
I bought this phone just 10 hours ago,great camera,mp3,browser,n sound is great

30.05.08 - 09:24pm
Greatest phone ever! High internet speed and other fantastic features

9.03.08 - 10:36pm
I want it! I want it! I want it! I WANT IT!

21.02.08 - 07:46pm
Everything good in this phone. Volume, display, web, camera, mp3 player, vidoo capture and player, speakar, look and bettery wakeup everything is good and o.k.

28.01.08 - 03:42pm
A very nice of its kind but battery life is less even though affordable

+ SonyEricsson-K530

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